Brand Imagery with Elise Wilson

Client Recap

Brand Imagery Process with Elise Wilson

Elise Wilson works for a global financial planning company! She is all about the power of connection and the importance of planning for the future. Elise once told us that her ideal client is one that she can follow through all stages of their life, “I want to be the celebratory call that they make when their child heads off to college because we both know how hard we worked to get them there!” Basically she’s a woman after our own heart and we can’t wait to share her new brand imagery.

Lifestyle Working Images

When it was time for a brand refresh she knew that she needed something polished and professional but also something that showed her warm and friendly nature. We focused on lifestyle photography that showed Elise doing what she does best, planning! We made sure that Elise’s outfits at our first location were professional, but also in a coastal color tone. The blue and white color palette brighten up the space and make the details pop.


Elise has a very serious role at her company and it was important that her professionalism came through in the brand imagery. We ventured to one of our favorite boardroom spaces to capture Elise in an office element. We paired a dark suit with the warm glow of the room to create warmth in a traditionally uptight setting.

Hair: SET Blowout Bar

Makeup: Amy Kennison





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