Deeply Rooted Interiors

Client Recap

Stacey Dunn and Morgan Dail are two seasoned interior designers with a shared love of making a house feel like a home. When the time came to take the leap and start a business together the two joined forces and Deeply Rooted Interiors was born. Stacey and Morgan wanted their brand to fully encapsulate their modern and eclectic design style and we were thrilled to get to work, start to finish, in building the Deeply Rooted Interiors brand.

Logo Design & Branding Board

We started with a color palette filled with deep blues. Morgan and Stacey LOVE color and mixing patterns so it was a priority to incorporate these elements into their overall brand. Once we had the color pallette, we created a logo that was modern and clean while remaining just a little bit playful. It was important for their color pallette and logo to evoke the feeling that would translate to how their clients feel when they see the finished product of their space. Then it was onto the biggest part, web design!

Website Design

Deeply Rooted Interiors were looking for a unique website that showed off all their design offerings but also felt like the spaces they design for their clients. We created a layered, high-end design for their website that stays consistent with their color pallette, logo, and their warm and welcoming personalities.

Brand Imagery

The images for the website were one of the key parts of this project. We knew that they would be the backbone of the web design and wanted to make sure that a clean and consistent color palette was present.  Once we knew their color scheme, logo design and got to know Morgan and Stacey a bit more, we were able to plan out a photoshoot that was going to be consistent with the web design that they would love and that truly encompassed them as a brand. We loved getting to spend the day in their beautifully designed spaces. You can check out more of their brand imagery on Deeply Rooted Interior’s portfolio.







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