Four Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot!

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Are you gearing up for your next photo shoot? Maybe you need some new content photos for your Instagram feed or updated photos for your website. YAY! Are you excited? Are you nervous? It’s ALL good.  We’ve put together a few tips to help prepare you for the day!

Invest in yourself

  • We like to think we look presentable most of the time, right?! If you’re taking photos on your iPhone then you probably can get away with doing your own hair and makeup but if you’re hiring a professional photographer then we always recommend hiring a professional makeup artist. When we started Drewe and Kate we made the decision to include hair and makeup for our clients because we were seeing a noticeable difference in how confident our clients felt on camera.  Professional makeup artists know exactly what to do to make sure you’re looking perfect in your photos. It always feels like you’re wearing a lot but we promise it looks justtttt right on camera. Having someone else get you ready might just be the confidence boost you need to feel your best, and who doesn’t like to be pampered for a morning?!

Choose outfits that you feel confident in

  • At the end of the day it isn’t the outfit that matters, it’s how you feel in it. The day of your photoshoot is not the day to wear something that you aren’t comfortable in or that doesn’t feel like you. We all want to be on trend but today probably isn’t the day to embrace neon fanny packs because Vogue told you they were in for spring. You are already enough without all the trendy garb. Our goal is for you to look like yourself in your photos, just on a really, really good day.

Don’t know what to do with your hands? Bring a prop!

  • This is an easy one that will help you make the most of your photos. Bring a computer, a clipboard your cell phone, anything that has to do with you working or something that has to do with your business. You can get three different photos by standing up, sitting down with a laptop and showing you working. And if you’ve hired a professional photographer, they will be able to help you with posing!

Location, location, location.

  • But where should you take your photos? You don’t have an office? Look around for a location or two that matches your brand. Maybe it’s the color tones or the atmosphere. Coffee shops or even breweries are easy and fun places to snap a few new photos. The light is usually good (since they all have windows) and it’s such a casual environment. BONUS- they have coffee (and beer)!

We hope these helped! Good luck and we can’t wait to see you KILL it at your next shoot!


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