Wait. What? Consulting

Client Recap

Alisha Wanted Her Brand to be Anything but Ordinary.

Brand Imagery

Alisha of Wait. What? Consulting has been a part of Drewe and Kate since the beginning as our bookkeeper! We were so excited when Alisha hired us to take her brand to the next level! She was very aware that this industry isn’t always seen as beautiful but she’s got a new take on taxes and can’t wait to get you excited about them.

Before we started with her website we planned her photoshoot. We went to work making sure her scenes and outfits were bold yet professional. Alisha’s brand colors are pink and green so we wanted to make sure that her outfits for the branding shoot coordinated without being too overpowering.


Alisha gets questions ALL the time from her clients about anything related to taxes. What kind of business license do I need? Do I have to pay sales tax? Can I write off the meal I just ate? She quickly realized that unless you’re in the bookkeeping industry, most people don’t get it! It was a top priority for her to have a website that was both aesthetically pleasing but more importantly easy to understand. Too many words can turn people off and that was the last thing she wanted. We love how her site turned out. Check it out here!

Brand Photo Shoot Highlights




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