How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

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So, you think your market is oversaturated and you aren’t quite sure how to stand out and get business in a crowded market? Then this post is for you!

This is something we hear the most from our fellow creatives. Whether it’s  photographers, videographers, stylists, designers, the list goes on. How do you stand out and make money in a crowded market? Trust us when we say, WE GET IT. Seeing what other people are doing on the internet can be disheartening. Maybe they booked a client that reached out to you and you were too expensive or maybe they are working on trade and trade just doesn’t pay your bills. Guess what? That wasn’t your client. More than anything it’s important to find your voice, know your brand and stick to it. The second you start lowering your prices to book a client is when you’ll start resenting that client. 

Here are some of our tips to help you maximize your profit and start getting the right clients. 

  • Consistency – we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. BE CONSISTENT. Whether it’s how often you’re  posting on Instagram, taking photos in consistent light, 
  • Stop working on trade – WE KNOW. Getting things for free is cool. But when you start off by working for a client on trade you’re setting a dangerous precedent. How many free T-shirts do you need and how many could you have actually just bought for yourself if you would have charged what you are worth?
  • Embrace your personal style. Most clients want to work with you because of your aesthetic + taste level. So lean in! Your work just needs to feel right to you and the right clients will come. By replicating other designers work you aren’t really showing potential clients all YOU can do!

Know your worth and stick to it. Being a creative and being a small business is hard AND talking about money is hard too. But when someone asks for your pricing, be confident and deliver it. Know your worth- no one charging less money is going to do a better job than you.

Identify your target audience and market toward them. If your target market is surf shops and small beach towns then don’t try and get the Tech Startup company on as a client.




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