Jean Holder

Client Recap

“Beautiful and empowered at any age.” is Jean Holder’s mantra and let us tell you that she definitely practices what she preaches. Jean is a beam of self-love and sunshine that we loved getting the opportunity to work with. She is on a mission to make women feel beautiful in their own skin and her passion radiates on every project. Specializing in closet overhauls, styling assistance, and personal shopping she creates a unique and personal experience for each one of her clients.

We were able to help bring Jean’s brand identity to life with a new logo and a curated brand photo shoot. We knew that we wanted to highlight Jean’s services and her unique sense of style in her imagery. Sticking with a clean logo and neutral tones we were able to accomplish all of this and more!

Want to see a little bit more? Here is a peek behind the scenes of Jean’s photo shoot.




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