Tropez Salon

Client Recap, Editorial

Tropez Salon’s philosophy of “relaxed glamour” was our main inspiration for their spring editorial shoot. Whether it’s french fries & champagne at a french bistro or an elegant silk scarf holding back unruly curls; effortlessly chic is the name of the game and we loved being able to bring it to life.

Scene One

Warm weather is upon us and in Wilmington that means more boat days and outdoor lunches. We wanted Tropez to have content that would feel authentic not only to the salon but also to its clients. So our first stop of the day was our favorite French restaurant, Brasserie du Soleil.

Scene Two

Tropez Salon’s physical space manages to incorporate all of the best elements of the French Riviera lifestyle right here in Wilmington and to channel that we knew we needed sail boats and washed color toned outfits to go with the relaxed, cool-girl hair. We shot at Wrightsville Beach at a nearby marina and it was the perfect space and relaxed, French girl attitude we wanted to encompass for their editorial shoot.


Scene Three

White, bright and beautiful with muted color tones and coffee was our last stop for Tropez Salon’s editorial shoot. We wanted a relaxed vibe that felt easy and beautiful. Casa Blanca (Wilmington’s newest coffee house) was the perfect place. Their white tones and pops of natural color tones gave us the exact vibe we wanted to wrap up our shoot!



Scene 1: Outfits by Oliver Clothing

Scene 2: Outfits by Hallelu

Scene 3: Outfits by Tusc

Makeup: Michal Lauren

Hair: Tropez Salon (obviously)




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