Lauren Gordy Brand Recap

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Lauren Gordy , a multi-talented designer, host, and model based in Wilmington, North Carolina, recognized the need to enhance her online presence. To establish herself and her brand, she made the decision to create an official brand identity, build a website, and organize a professional photoshoot. We were more than excited to be part of this journey and assist her every step of the way. Here is an overview of our process:

The Brand

Working closely with Lauren, we set out to develop a brand that would capture her essence and make a lasting impression. Our goal was to create a brand that reflected her personality while maintaining a polished and clean aesthetic. A balance between approachability and professionalism was key.

In order to achieve this, we focused on infusing the brand with vibrancy and liveliness. We explored vibrant color palettes, playful typography, and energetic patterns. The result is a brand that exudes life and fun, perfectly representing Lauren and her unique offerings.

Through collaboration and careful consideration, we were able to craft a brand that not only resonates with Lauren but also captivates her audience. With its simplicity and impactful design elements, we are confident that her brand will leave a lasting and positive impression on everyone who encounters it.

The Brand Photoshoot

The Website

After establishing Lauren’s brand identity, our team got to work on creating a simple and approachable website that catered to her needs. Lauren wanted a website with just three main pages- Headshots, Sizing, and her YouTube channel. We made sure the site was easy to navigate, with a focus on showcasing her headshots and sizing information, which were essential for casting agents.

To keep the website consistent with Lauren’s brand identity, we incorporated her fun color tones and made sure the design elements were cohesive. We also made the website mobile-responsive, ensuring that it would be accessible on any device. The result is a clean, visually-appealing, and user-friendly website that provides casting agents with all the important information they need.

With the new website, Lauren now has an online presence that accurately reflects her brand identity and makes it easy for potential clients to find and contact her. We are confident that the website will help her establish herself further in the industry and reach new heights in her career.


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