We are thrilled to share the brand photo shoot of our beloved client, Surcie! Surcie is a fine paper store and offers party favors, event branding, curated gifts for weddings, and all of life’s celebrations. The best part? We got to shoot all these amazing products right in their store! We’re excited to share the magic of Shop Surcie through our lens and give you an exclusive peek behind the scenes.

Surcie Fine Stationery and Gifts Owners, Mary Brewer and Taylor Younts Raleigh, NC

Working Shots

To kick off the photo shoot, we focused on capturing headshots and lifestyle shots of the owners and employees. One of the reasons we adore working shots is their versatility in extending a client’s content. They prove to be incredibly valuable for newsletters, about pages, and process pages on their website.

Brand Shoot Tip: Make sure you include working photos in your brand shoot! They offer a unique opportunity to showcase not only the employees but also the behind-the-scenes process. Clients genuinely appreciate being able to glimpse what it’s like to work with you, and working shots are a wonderful way to satisfy their curiosity. So, don’t forget to show them the magic happening behind the scenes!

Flat Lays + Lifestyle Product Shots

Why stick to bland product shots that are better suited for inventory? We believe that the best way to get clients to envision your product is to showcase it in action. That’s why we absolutely adore incorporating lifestyle product shots. For this photo shoot, we had the privilege of working with Surcie’s incredible selection of stunning wedding invitations and party favors. It gave us a ton of opportunities to get creative and bring their products to life!

Here’s a pro tip for brand shoots: Keep it cohesive and visually appealing by grouping similar color tones together. This will help give the photoshoot’s overall aesthetic a more polished and professional appearance. So, let’s take your product shots to the next level and incorporate them with lifestyle shots, then watch your brand soar.

Incorporate What Makes Your Brand Unique

Surcie knows the importance of shipping, with a significant number of packages being sent out regularly. As a result, they have cultivated a wonderful working relationship with their trusted UPS driver. It was an obvious choice to incorporate this integral part of their business into their brand shoot, capturing the essence of Surcie in action as they ship off their beautiful invitations.

Brand Shoot Tip: When planning your own brand shoot, take a moment to consider what makes your business unique and fun. Embrace those distinctive aspects and bring them to life during the shoot. By showcasing what sets you apart, you can create compelling visuals that truly represent your brand’s personality. So, let your creativity flow and let your brand shine through in every frame!




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