What to Expect When Hiring a Brand Designer

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What exactly is a brand designer?

If you have never worked with a brand designer before it may feel a little overwhelming to trust someone with your business. We wanted to walk through our design process to give you a better idea of what to expect when embarking on a branding journey.

The Basics:

A brand designer creates visual concepts and designs that align with a brand’s identity and meet the needs of clients and marketing teams. What does that really boil down to? We are here to help your business grow with intentional design!

We like to think of ourselves as brand designers, but in reality we are much more than that. We are cheerleaders and loyal fans! Our passion is bringing brands to life by designing purposeful elements that tell our clients stories to help set you apart from the crowd.

Let’s Talk Details : Inquiry Stage

We start off by getting to know not only your business but also you! The purpose of our first call is to make sure that we are a great fit and that your business is ready to be taken to the next level.

How can you be sure you’re ready before we hop on a call? Here are some great questions to answer for yourself first:

  • What are your core brand values?
  • What does your potential or established audience care about?
  • Where would you like to take your brand?
  • How do you plan on making money? 
  • What is your ideal timeline for project completion?

Of course, we will work with you to flesh out a lot of this in Phase 1. We want you to walk away from Phase 1 with a solid idea of what your ideal brand looks like, who your target customer is, and what makes your venture unique. While some of these details can certainly change along the way, having these foundations in place will help ensure that we’re staying on track as we move forward!

Let’s Get the Party Started: Brand Exploration Stage

The fun doesn’t really start until after we have committed to work together! During this phase we will task you with completing a few intake projects. These projects will help us get a sense of your style and better understand your longterm goals. Get ready to talk everything design oriented and start your design homework. Which includes completing a shared Pinterest Board as well as our custom Brand Date. During phase two we will also be discussing core values and brand strategy so that we can understand the full scope of your business before we start the design process.

By the end of the exploration stage we should:

  • Have a rough idea of what our color palette options will be
  • Know your short and long term business goals are
  • Reviewed all of your submitted items and had a call to make sure we are on the same page

Let’s Create Something Beautiful : Design Stage

The design phase is all about creating a visual presence that creates meaning and intention. Once we’ve established your brand strategy, it’s time to create the pieces that bring your brand to life — from logo variations, to colors, patterns and fonts. The design phase is where we create a variety of concepts your brand will use.

We know how important it is to have the right look and feel of your brand. That’s why we take pride in our role as a partner throughout this process. We want your dream to become reality, and will work tirelessly until we get it just right. You will hear from us a little less! Have no fear! We are working behind the scenes to create something custom to you. Once we get it just right we will be sharing it with you for feedback! From there we will work together until it is just right!

If you are working with us to create a full brand experience then your next step would be brand photography and web design.

Scream it from the Rooftops : Launch Stage

It is time to show off all of that hard work! During this stage we will create a launch graphic for your business. We will also talk through our best business practices for debuting your new brand! After we are done popping the champagne we will work together to make sure you feel 100% confident when hitting post for the first time!

Are you ready to invest in a custom brand?

You know we’re here for you, and we LOVE what we do. Fill out our inquiry form to set up a call!




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