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Essential Brand Photos Your Business Needs

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Deciding what shots you actually need is the hardest part of a branding photo session. When you are investing in your business with professional photography you want to make sure you are making the most out of the experience. Below you will find our list of essential brand photos you need when planning your branding shoot.

Things to Think About

The first step when working on a brand photography shoot is brainstorming how to get the most out of your content. To do that you must first get clear on what makes your business unique and what milestones may be coming up that you would like to capture.

For example, we have a client that works in real estate and consistently meets with clients that are worried about “throwing money away” so to calm their fears we created this visual for her to use when emailing potential clients – she pairs it with a list of the things she does to save them money. The visual plus the content helps put the potential client at ease because it shows them that you have thought about this problem and are excited to work with them to correct it.

Your brand shoot is a great time to think about your upcoming content (think social media posts or blogs) as well as the things you are constantly reassuring your clients about! We recommend writing a quick list of questions clients typically have to help with this step!

Other Ways to Think About Content

  • What are my core offerings?
  • Will I be doing any upcoming promotions or events?
  • Where are these photos going? Are they primarily for your website or are they for social media use. Will you be using them for any print or digital ads? These are great things to let your photographer know ahead of time so that they can shoot accordingly.
  • Do I want to include a “fake” client or any employees/contractors. If you decide to add additional people into your shoot we recommend getting a range of photos because life happens and you don’t want a temporary employee in all of your branded images.
  • Will I need to order anything that may take awhile to come in? If the answer is yes then go ahead and get that bad boy ordered! There is nothing worse than the undelivered prop.

Essential Types of Branded Photos


  • A classic headshot that you can use if you get featured somewhere or for LinkedIn.
  • A more playful headshot that is better suited for your website or social channels

Lifestyle/ Working Shots

We specialize in lifestyle brand photography which means we like for our photos to be infused with personality! While we love a good backdrop moment we like the dimension that working in a physical space provides.

  • We want to show you in your element! This helps clients envision working with you
  • We recommend a mixture of candid and smiling photos
  • Lifestyle photos are meant to show personality so it is a great time to show anything that makes you you

Tight Detail Shots

  • A variety of close up photos that you can use for graphics or on your website to create interest without showing your face. These are a great way to utilize brand elements + props. These shots also stretch your content. We have been in business for 7 years and we STILL to this DAY use detail shots from our first shoot because while hair styles + makeup trends will come and go – flat lays are forever.

Office Photography

  • If you have a physical office space then you definitely want to get a few wide shots that show off what clients can expect when they walk through your doors for the first time.
  • It is also a great way to show you working in your element.
  • An exterior shot is great for your Google Business account.

Product Shots OR Branded Material Shots

  • Whether you are taking photos of your own products or capturing images for affiliate marketing – clean, crisp photos of your product with your interacting is key to bringing some personality into your marketing
  • Branded Material is a great way to show off your brand without having your face in the shots. We do recommend that you LOVE your branding or are sticking with it for an extended amount of time before you get it photographed. This can be a matchbook, notebook, or even a realtor sign!

Seasonal Photography

Seasonal photography is for the brand photo pro! It is for people who are up on their content and are great and managing their calendar! To read more about seasonal photography – stay tuned!




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