How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media

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You’ve put in the hard work of creating a business and investing in your branding and now it is time to show it off! Let’s dive into the top 5 things you absolutely need to do to show off your hard work! 

Your Instagram Bio

You want to make sure that your bio tells potential customers everything they need to know! We encourage you to list out what you sell, include your website, and a way for them to contact you. It does not need to be overly wordy! Just clear and straight forward.

 Make A Great First Impression with Captivating Visuals: 

Your first post showing off your new brand is the first time your audience is meeting the new you! You are showing them what to look out for on their feed in the future and you want to make sure it is memorable. The easiest way to do this is with high-quality visuals that reflect your brand’s personality. Think eye-catching graphics, stunning product photos, and cohesive colors that make your brand pop! We always love layering your new logo over some of your brand photos. 

Compelling Content: 

Great visuals alone won’t cut it. You need content that engages, educates, and entertains your audience. Create a content strategy that includes a mix of informative posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive elements (like polls or quizzes) to keep your followers hooked! 

First brand post – introduce the brand and the problem it solves in your market

First post of you – Tell them why you started and what they can look forward to by following you! 

Clear Branding: 

Make sure your brand identity is rock-solid and recognizable. Showcase your logo, brand colors, and fonts consistently across all your social media platforms. This helps create a cohesive and professional look that’s easy for people to associate with your brand.

Use your submark as your social media icon! Make sure you are set in your color tones because much like a crock pot you want to set it and forget it! The icon you pick for your social is going to be the most immediate way people are going to know it is a post from you! Do not pick a very tiny small version of your logo that will leave your audience squinting! Be bold with a clear submark or photo of you! 

Engaging Community: 

We feel like sometimes people overlook the SOCIAL component of social media. You can’t expect people to interact with you if you aren’t putting in the same effort! Building a community around your brand is key. Spark conversations, respond to comments, and foster connections with your audience. Don’t be shy to ask questions, seek feedback, and make your followers feel like they’re part of something special. It’s all about building relationships! 

Get People Excited! 

Show them what they have been missing! 

Strategic Promotion: 

Don’t forget to promote your brand launch! Plan out a social media calendar to strategically share teasers, countdowns, and sneak peeks leading up to the launch day. Consider collaborations with influencers or running targeted ads to expand your reach and build excitement! 

Remember, friend, launching your brand on social media is just the beginning! Stay consistent, keep adapting, and always be open to feedback. You’ve got this! And if you don’t then reach out! We would love to help you launch your brand.




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