How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

Brand Tips

Let’s Get Ready

You’ve put in the work, and now it’s time to let your business shine. We know that you’re used to being behind the scenes, making sure that everything is running smoothly, so the idea of being in front of a camera probably feels a little awkward and scary. We get it, and we’re here to make you feel and look your very best! We also want you to remember you deserve this photo shoot, and your business deserves this. Drewe is sharing all of her tips to get you ready for the day of your shoot!


Kate and I have found that the secret to an amazing photo shoot is your mindset. We encourage you to take any steps that make you feel like your best self. DEFINITELY listen to that song – you know the one – that pumps you up on the way to your hair and makeup appointment. Or, you can listen to our Summer Mixtape!

Speak Up

No one knows your business better than you! If at any point in the creative process you feel like you want to redirect the focus, then let your photographer and brand stylist know! Our main goal at Drewe and Kate is to be there for you and to make sure that your brand needs are not only being met, but furthered. Open communication is the key to photos that you love!

Hair and Makeup

Before I talk about hair and makeup tips for your shoot, I want to be very clear about something. When it comes to physical beauty, I feel very much like Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones:

I think you are AMAZING, wonderful, and great – just as you are. The following suggestions are just that, suggestions. They are in no way requirements to having a great shoot. Alright, disclaimer out of the way! Let’s get into the tips.

What to Expect at the Salon

Over the years, we have noticed that our clients appear more confident on camera when they get their hair and makeup done, which is why we provide it. We think it is a fun way to start the day and have a little “down time” before the shoot begins! Below is a walk through of what you can expect on a DK shoot day.

The morning of your shoot, you will head to the salon to get things rolling! We recommend wearing a button-up or something with a wide neck so that you can get it off easily when it is time to change. You will not need to wear your first outfit to your appointment. Please show-up with clean hair and a make-up free face (moisturizer is fine).

You know what you like better than anyone! If you don’t like the direction something is going, don’t hesitate to let the stylist know. The makeup artist and/or hair stylist is there for you. You are not going to hurt their feelings by asking them to tweak something.

Trial Runs: If you are feeling anxious about your appointment, then I recommend scheduling a trial run to ensure that you LOVE your final look the day of the shoot. We are always happy to provide you with the contact info for the salon & stylist.

Makeup Tip: Have a favorite lipstick? Bring it with you the day of the shoot! That way you know you are comfortable in the color and can touch it up at any point in the day.

Nail Tip: Getting your nails done is definitely not a requirement, but we do encourage you to make sure that you do not have chipped nail polish the day of the shoot. Especially if you are going to be holding props!


Choosing outfits you feel confident in is a must! I spend time with our clients sourcing outfits and/or going through their closet to come up with something that makes them feel great on camera. Read more about this in our Four Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot blog.

Favorite Products

Kate and I are both OBSESSED with using our ice rollers on photo shoot days or even on the morning after a fun night out. Early morning shoots are great because the light is soft, and locations typically aren’t crowded. What’s not always great is when my face has decided that it wants to be puffy. That’s where the ice roller comes in. It magically reduces puffiness and redness. The best part is that you can just leave it in your freezer until you need it! True life- I typically just bring it with me in the car on the way to my makeup appointment and roll my face on the way there.

Lip exfoliators are a MUST in the winter. I have tragically chapped lips from Nov-Feb and I love this Sara Happ Lib Scrub. It removes all of the dead skin and ensures that your lipstick will not only look good but stay put! Pro tip– if you don’t want to buy an exfoliator, you can get the same effect with brown sugar and a little coconut oil OR you can get your toothbrush and lightly brush over wet lips!

Water and Sheet Masks are also your BFF! They both hydrate you, and make your skin glow.


Kate is our resident expert in posing! Next time we will check out her tips on how to get the most out of your photo shoot.



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